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Why Cycling Socks Are Expensive?

by Souke Sports on Jan 26, 2022

Why Cycling Socks Are Expensive?-Souke Sports

There are various types of cycling socks in the market. And prices vary from a few dollars to a hundred dollars. Why cycling socks are so expensive on average? 

How the normal cycling socks look like? Do they bring you the same wearing experience with the more expensive ones?

Most road or MTB cyclist ride at least 2 hours each time. During the high intensity riding, one might sweat a lot. Therefore, the cycling apparel, such as cycling jersey, cycling shorts, and the cycling socks needs to be quick dry and breathable enough to help with the better cycling experience. If one just do leisure riding or riding for city commuting, then normal socks will also works fine. But if one is keen on high intensity cycling, then good cycling socks fabric will make a big difference. Breathability, high wicking, anti-bacteria and quick dry functions are the must. Good fabric will greatly affect these factors and your cycling experience. Low cost fabric might leads to low breathability which will make your feet feel stuffy and wet after a long-time cycling. Under this environment, Bacteria grow easily.


A good fit socks is really important during cycling. Some socks don’t fit your feet properly, when you ride, it might change places from where it was originally. Sometimes, It might even make some places pile up, which will reduces the lifespan of socks and add frictions to cyclists. Heel and toes as well as the ankle are places easiest to be chafed. reinforced design in these areas will help with a longer lifespan of the socks as well as better cycling experience. However, since the thickness of the fabric is different, it will needs more complicated techniques to make them, the cost of the socks increases accordingly. Cheaper socks might just uses the same fabric all the way long to save cost, but it also reduce the good riding experience for cyclists.   

Considering the above needed functions for a good pair of cycling socks, now let’s see how SOUKE cycling socks looks like!

Features of Souke Cycling Socks PS01 & MS02

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1. Long distance is taken into consideration when we developing these socks. They are able to minimize your tiredness and pain of your feet after a long distance of ride. And keep your feet dry all the time.

2.The socks are great fit to keep themself in place and help with better comfort. They also have a longer cuff for stability. Controlled support designed to help protect your leg from hurting by the shoes' opening.

3.Cotton as main fabric is for adding comfort while stopping  Nylon to make it more stretchable. The whole fabric shows a great performance of breathable, high-wicking, and antibacterial. It can not only keep cyclists’ feet dry, but also prevent smelly feet after a long time cycling.

4.With a breathable mesh upper, these socks are specially designed for high-intensity riding or racing. We made the fabric on the rear legs more elastic and the foot bed thicker. Give full consideration to every part of your foot. The added seamless feature ensures that the sock won't wear out. They won't let you down.

5. We have reinforced the toe and heel as well as the ankle to prevent chafing and injury on these parts. The fabrics of these 3 parts are soft, thick and not easy to deform. Since it has stretchable fabric, toe pain will be minimized.

SOUKE socks are 15.99USD and 20.99USD, with coupon: SoukeSports, you can get 10% off at checkout if you buy them alone. BTW, if the order over 150USD, we will ship you a pair of socks for FREE.

Any more experience with different kind of cycling socks? Share with us below!

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