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How to Choose Cycling Clothes in Spring?

by Souke Sports on Feb 23, 2022

How to Choose Cycling Clothes in Spring?-Souke Sports

Spring is a great time to ride a bike, imagining you are pedaling on the road or in the park, breathing the fresh air, the breeze patting your face, you are admiring the roadside view, and flowers are dancing in the breeze. You will be one of the gorgeous sights among these. In this beautiful season, how to choose the right cycling clothes? Here are some tips:

1. Spring brings warmer temperatures but it is still not so warm at times. You need a long sleeve cycling jersey and long legging to protect your arms and legs from the effects of the cold breeze. Long sleeve cycling jerseys CL1101 and BL2601 are the best choices. With the highly breathable fabric, it keeps your body dry at times while It can keep you warm during morning and night, and more snug to wear in spring.

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2. Many cyclists don't want to ride in winter, it's like going into hibernation. The winter weather is terrible and riding in the snow is dangerous. Cold wind can easily freeze you from head to toe. The CL1205 is race fit,and very stretchable. It helps your physique look perfect, you can wear it easily and show off your figure with confidence.

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3. It is warmer during certain times of the day, so you can wear bib shorts with long sleeves jersey. The BS1601 is also a racing bib short. It is breathable and elastic enough to keep the body dry and easily stretchable at all times. This combination will be more comfortable and refreshing to wear.

4. Spring is the beginning of a new year, and it is also a season of vigour, and flowers are in full bloom. During this time, everyone feels more relaxed. It is like a key that turns melancholy into joy. In this vibrant season, it is best to wear brightly coloured clothes. When you ride in nature, you feel like a part of nature. CL1202 contains different colours in the same colour family. They make you stand out in spring!

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5. When Spring arrives, sun block is another thing you need to pay attention to. Especially afternoon, the sun will be hotter. wearing short sleeve jersey with cycling shorts, you can be more relaxed. Exposure to U.V. rays is not good for your skin, so you can wear an arm sleeve with the function of sun protection. CS1101 and BS1601 are very breathable to wear. We made these out of top quality fabric. Our sleeve arm supports a 50+ UPF sun protection rating, which helps you efficiently protect your body from sun rays while keeping you cool and dry at all times.


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