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5 Steps To Enjoy Autumn Cycling

by Souke Sports on Oct 18, 2022

5 Steps To Enjoy Autumn Cycling

1. Make a monthly cycling plan

If you enjoy cycling but are prone to procrastination, it is advised to create a monthly riding schedule that details the date, expected duration, and route of each ride. This will help you avoid deviating from your original work and life plans, and don't forget to include rewards and penalties to help you stay motivated.

The weather in autumn is changeable, so if you don’t want to come home wet in the middle of the ride, check the weather conditions on the day of the ride while making plans. Of course, weather forecasts aren't always accurate,so if you're in a location that gets a lot of rain, pack some rain gear to keep against getting soaked.

2. Before you ride, check your bike and your belongings

It's recommended that you take your bike to a nearby bike shop if maintenance hasn't been performed on it in a while. The moving parts will get a thorough check and cleaning. You can also perform certain repairs yourself if you are certain that the bike is in good working condition. Clean it up, paying specific attention to the chain and gear. You could wish to start using wet chain oil since it performs better in rainy conditions.

3. Do not exercise on an empty stomach

The hype about fasted cardio may not work for everyone, and we recommend eating a modest quantity of food (such as a hard-boiled egg or half a banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter). Because fasting exercise is not good for physical health and muscle building.

When the weather turns cold in autumn, the body often needs to consume more energy in order to resist the cold. When exercising on an empty stomach, the blood sugar in the human body will decrease, which will cause headaches, weakness of the limbs, and even fainting.

Besides, working out on an empty stomach could also lead your body to use protein as fuel. This leaves your body with less protein, which is needed to build and repair muscles after exercise. Plus, using fat as energy doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to lower your overall body fat percentage or burn more calories.

4. Drink water during the ride to stay hydrated

As for the other seasons, it's a good habit to drink and stay hydrated while riding in the fall. What can happen is that the lower temperature you perceive makes you less focused and your thirst response numb. Nonetheless, your body still needs to replace the fluids and salts it loses during exercise.

5. Pay attention to wind protection and warmth

Fall weather can be tricky to wear, and in changeable climates, the best fall cycling apparel options are garments and utility kits that you can layer. Long bib pants are a solid bottom option, while long-sleeved jerseys with windproof, packable vests are good top choices.

Considering the various factors of autumn riding, Souke has launched three autumn sets for you. These sets include a long-sleeved cycling jersey + long bib pants + windproof vest, which fully meets the needs of autumn warmth and is windproof, and when you do not need windproof when wearing a vest, it can be folded into the back pocket of the jacket without affecting your riding. There are a variety of colors for tops, pants, and vests, you can freely mix and match according to your preferences.

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