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World Cup Design is Now Available on SOUKE Jersey!

by Souke Sports on Dec 02, 2022

World Cup Design is Now Available on SOUKE Jersey!

Hey Souke Cyclists? Are you also a football fan? If so, you must be super excited in the World Cup Games holding in Qatar right now.

Every 4 years, the world's best football players and teams gather to compete for one of the sport's most prized trophies at the world's premier soccer competition. This year, all roads lead to Qatar, where 32 teams will compete for the ultimate prize: the right to call themselves world champions.

Inspired by the World Cup, SOUKE determind to make the World Cup-themed cycling jersey. Although the World Cup has passed halfway, the spirit of the event has always been there. Wearing club colors not only shows support but also builds pride for fans.



The World Cup features 32 teams, and we designed these jerseys for the 32 teams based on their unique styles. Some will contain team logos as well as the numbers of famous players. You can show your support for your favorite team by purchasing a jersey for them.


- Comfortable & Fitting

Souke chooses highly elastic and comfortable fabric to protect your muscles and skins. After rigorous research on the human body and bicycle movement, we obtained the optimal plan for clothing cutting, like the position of the pockets of the top, easy to reach and enough to carry your essentials.

- Reduce Awkward Occurrences

You must have experienced the unfortunate event of a zipper breaking or falling, Souke uses SBS zippers to save you from facing these problems.

There are non-slip straps on the back of the garments that can be used to fix the clothes, and you will never have to worry about making big moves and becoming nude.  It also has a certain load-bearing capacity, preventing the stuff in your pockets from excessively sagging. 

For the current design online, we only put some of the team menber’s name like Messi or Player’s numbers, these are just for the samples. We are also accepting SEMI-CUSTOMIZE as well. You can send over the player’s number or name to us to revise the design for you. What’s more, we can add some more features as well like your country flag, etc.
If the country is not included in these jersey, but you also want somehting to support your country team, we are also acceptable to help designing your own country jersey. And you just need to pay very tight amount of the handling fees.

For now, the price only at 69.99USD, compared with the normal standard line, and the price discount will only last before the end of Dec. Don’t miss the chance.   

If you are satisfied after receiving the products, don't forget to share your wearing experience and post pictures on your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube) and @soukecycling. We look forward to your feedback! 

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