Original:Earth, The Greenhouse effect & My lovely daughter

Hello, I'm one of the founders of Souke. You are probably a father like me, and when my daughter was eight years old, she inspired me to take up cycling. I still remember that day after my wife picked up my daughter from school, I noticed my daughter seemed a little down (she is a very bright and energetic girl, and rarely gets depressed), I asked her what was happened, and she responded with tears in her eyes, "The earth is on a fever."

Due to my job, I rarely pay attention to environmental issues, so this overwhelmed me a little. I started researching global warming in an effort to explain this phenomenon to my daughter in a way that she could understand. I was moved after seeing a picture of a frail polar bear standing alone on a small glacier (I am an animal protection lover and donate money to animals every year). In addition to having an impact on animals, it also has a great impact on humans, such as sea-level rise, extreme climate change, etc.

Transport accounts for 21% of global carbon emissions. It is now the largest emitting sector in many developed countries.

So I felt like I needed to do something for my daughter and children like her, they shouldn't live on a "fever" planet because they did nothing wrong. This is the reason why Souke is here. To encourage more people to ride with us, our team set out to create comfortable cycling apparel and promote cycling. 

Cyclist—Earth Hero

Are you ready to be a hero for the Earth?

Scientists and environmentalists have shown that global warming is related to human activity, cycling has always been a low-carbon solution.

According to data from Cycling UK, just 6% of urban passenger miles are from cycling. However, it’s estimated that increasing this to 11% by 2030 and 14% by 2050 could cut CO₂ emissions from passenger transport by 7% and 11%, respectively.

Moreover, Cycling reduces deforestation rates, allowing more trees to absorb carbon dioxide. Deforestation is the process of removing large tracts of forest or trees from an area. Then, these areas are frequently industrialized, which, can have catastrophic effects on the environment. However, if more people chose to cycle instead of drive, there’d be a bigger case for keeping these green, cycle-friendly spaces alive. Long term, there’d also be less of a need for metal products to help build cars.

Beside Cycling,What Else We Should Do?

-Plant trees: One of the main contributors to carbon emissions is deforestation. Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but they can no longer absorb carbon once they are cut down. Planting trees is among the most inexpensive, natural ways to take climate action and reduce our negative environmental impact.

-Switch to clean energy: Solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy are all energy sources with a higher level of sustainability, produce low carbon emissions, and lower our dependence on natural gas and resource harvesting.

-Eat less red meat: Over 220 grams of carbon dioxide are produced for every gram of beef produced, resulting in almost 4% of the total GHG emissions. Eating more vegetables and white meat instead of beef can lower the amount of carbon present in our atmosphere.

-Reduce energy use in your everyday life: Buy appliances that meet the United States energy efficiency standards, use your thermostat to regulate temperatures and try to use your air conditioning infrequently, turn off all lights and appliances when you’re not using them, and replace old lights with LED light bulbs that use less energy.

Souke Promise

1. Less waste:Our factory advocates saving water and electricity, but products too much unnecessary clothing, resulting in waste.

2. Buy less: Our clothes are of better quality and last longer, and we hope to reduce the number of times people buy cycling clothes

3. Promote cycling actively:Let more people join us, reduce the number of car use and the pollution to the environment.

4. What we are doing:We are looking for a comfortable and durable eco-friendly materials to make cycling clothes, but at present, environmentally-friendly fabrics are not up to our standards, but we will continue to look for them.