Position: Fashion Trend of White-collar Life

The Origin of Brand" SOUKE": In 2005, our founder learnt about fashion designing. He worked in various cities of the world, communicating and working with people in a virtual world.

In 2007, he went to Switzerland for holidays. He took a bike around the Swiss Alps. It was so peaceful the he mediated and biked around the Alps. The nature  inspired him so much that he decided to design with his first cycling and yoga kit. The kit that was designed keeping in view the nature. He chose to ride and mediate. At the start kits were only designed only for friends and family. The dream of designing and a hobby made him launch brand "SOUKE", which is totally inspired by the nature.

The word "SOUKE" is combination of words.

The letters *SO*stands for mountains & highways. The words "UK" , stands for the United Kingdom, the Royal heritage and cultural values and finally "E" became the golden code for the internet world *E Commerce*

The meaning of life is not only destination, but the scenery and the mood along the way.

Our aim is to bring the busy people out for themselves to enjoy the glory & beauty of the nature. They come closer to the nature so they can feel taste of nature, listen to cries of the wind, the quietness of mountains, the joy of rivers & the passion of speed.

Now that Souke Sports with UK branch, where the service center in, and Chinese branch, where the main marketing and sales team in and also factory base, also worldwide stock in US, Canada, Australia, UK and EU. We hope to help more and more cyclist find the healthy lifestyle wear.  

A quick view on the factory, where the products are made. (We own the factory ourself, and factory located in China)