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Which is Better? Cycling Bib Shorts or Cycling Waist Shorts?

by xiaoliu lin on Jan 18, 2021

Which is Better? Cycling Bib Shorts or Cycling Waist Shorts?-Souke Sports

For a long time, there are discussions about cycling bib shorts and cycling waist shorts as they are the most popular types in cycling shorts. What are their differences, which one is better and what should I pick? Let’s explore the answer together with Souke Sports!

Firstly let’s see the advantages and disadvantages for the cycling bib shorts.
Advantage: 1. as the there is no elastic cord, there’s no pressure on your belly or the abs if you have... It makes the movement and breathing more smoothly, can increase oxygen intake by more than 15%.          
         2. more professional cyclists prefer bib shorts as they are made for serious cyclist mainly. As it will help to improve riding performance. The one-piece cycling clothes can make your cycling pants completely fit your body, enabling the rider to sit on the bike and quickly enter a comfortable cycling posture.
         3. the strap design helps the shorts keep its position at the right place so that cyclist wouldn’t meet the awkward situation of his back coming out.

Disadvantages: 1. It uses more materiel so the cost of the shorts increases, end up with higher price for cyclist.
         2. The extra cloth covers waist and body will be bad for air permeability and cyclist might feel hotter after long time riding.
         3. it is not very convenient for cyclists to defecate, one will take off the shorts or pull down the waist cloth. If cyclist wears some other jersey or jackets outside the bib shorts, they will have to take off the jersey and jacket first as well.     

Then let’s see how is the cyclist waist shorts like?
Advantages: 1. It is cheaper compare to bib shorts since it uses less material.
          2. It is more convenient for cyclist to defecate.
          3. As there is less cloth cover the body, it will be more breathable for the top jersey.
Disadvantages: 1. There is elastic cord design over the waist, cyclist might feel uncomfortable after long time riding.
          2. As usually when we riding, we will need to bend ourselves forward, the shorts might do down and will expose our back. Kinda awkward.
          3. Cycling waist shorts usually considered as a more leisure cycling clothing style. Not for serious ones.              
So how do we choose between them? We got some tips for you!

  1. Consider the riding distance. For long distance riding (usually over 20km), better to choose bib shorts. With no bunching you can stay on your bike for longer, enjoy the miles with far less discomfort than most regular padded riding shorts. For short distance (less than 20km), you can just go with the regular cycling shorts.
  2. Consider the riding situation. If you are going to attend a competition we recommend you to choose bib short which offers you more benefits. If you plan to do spinning in the gym, cycling waist shorts is enough for you.
  3. Consider your budget. Normally bib shorts is little bit more expensive than regular shorts. Pick up the shorts that fits you best within your budget.


Hope the above information give you some clue so that could help you pick up the right cycling shorts accordingly. What would you choose for cycling later? Cycling bib shorts or waist shorts? Feel free to leave your comment below? 

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