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Bicycle Saddle or Cycling Shorts?

by xiaoliu lin on Jan 20, 2021

Bicycle Saddle or Cycling Shorts?-Souke Sports

Have you experienced that when you riding outside to run some errands or to work, wearing your expensive cycling gear, people around you might look at you with strange eyes when you walking around.

Do you have feelings that it is not comfortable to walk with the cycling shorts as the pad between your legs causes frictions now and then. But if you don’t wear the cycling shorts, it will be uncomfortable to ride as well.

Is there any solutions? Our answer is CAPITAL YES! You need a removable bicycle saddle.

Take Souke Sports bicycle saddle for an example.

It fits most of the bike sits. Very easy to install, take you less than a minute to put it on or take it off. At the same time, the non-slip particles are spreading around the underside of the bicycle seat cover, which can effectively prevent the bike cover from sliding, stopping distractions and help cyclists stay focused.

The saddle itself is very soft with some elastic force as it uses latex as main materiel. As we might know, latex is not very breathable, so on this saddle, there are many small holes spreading around, to help with heat dissipation.

With the bicycle saddle, there is also a water-proof cover. If you park your bike outside, you can put the cover on the saddle, it will protect your bike sit from the dirt and rain. When you ride your bike, just take down the cover, you can sit on directly without messing up your clothing.

Isn’t this removable bicycle saddle a great design? Check out and try one, I am sure you won’t be disappointed! If you have already experienced this amazing product, welcome to leave your true comment below to share with more cyclists. Thank you!

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