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Custom Cycling Clothing - Why So Expensive?

by xiaoliu lin on Jan 15, 2021

Custom Cycling Clothing - Why So Expensive?-Souke Sports

Cycling has become a part of our life, and many of us want to customize something special to wear. But not everyone end up with getting one due to the higher price. Cycling clothing is already expensive, not to mention customizing. So why is the customized cycling apparel so expensive?

In fact, there are many reasons that lead to the high price. Below are 3 reasons that influence the price the most.

Firstly the materiel cost. When you order one cycling jersey, you might think you only need to pay one item fee. But in fact, in order to finish the jersey, the factory needs to order a bunch of cloth, zipper, grippers, etc since their suppliers request MOQ for each item. Therefore, the cost for your jersey will be higher accordingly;

Secondly the production capability. Think about if the item is from standard production line, the factory can make around 1000pcs each day, pretty effective. And each item has its own profit, so together the seller can make some money. But if there is a customize order, they will have to stop some of the production line and change to make the customize order, then production ability might drop to 800pcs per day. The factory owner will lose the profit from the 200pcs item. They will have to add that profit margin into the customize product. Therefore, price higher!

Thirdly the labor cost. When we customize some item, we will need to talk with designers about the designs we want to make, and also confirm detailed request on size, material, accessories, etc with the service. Therefore the labor cost is increasing, and your custom jersey’s price is increasing.

Then, is there any solution that we can make our cycling clothing relatively cheaper? The answer is: YES, definitely! The SEMI-CUSTOMIZE! Unlike full customize, cyclists can choose whatever cloth type, zipper type, and also get special designs on jersey, shorts, etc. Semi-customize usually offer fixed cloth type, pattern, while the cyclists can still change the colors, designs on the item. Here we introduce Souke Sports Semi-customize system for an example.

With the semi-customize system, the clothing pattern, cloth, zipper, gripper, pad materiel are settled to be professional ones (high end material and professional cloth pattern). These things won’t affect the cyclist's design performance, but as the seller usually will stock the materiel, so clients don’t have to pay more for the MOQ cost.  

The semi custom system, helps cyclist make their own design online directly very easy, from changing colors, to add pictures, logos, design factors, etc all by their own. Saving the designer’s labor cost. If the size is special, they can also reach service to help. But this won’t increase the price usually.

Also, souke sports has a different production line for customize only, won’t influence the standard production line, therefore, it will not influence the cost as well.

If you want to customize your own cycling jersey, bib shorts, and worry about the cost, Souke Sports SEMI customize line will be the perfect choice to try out. And if you are looking for customizing team member’s cycling apparel, then congratulations, they also offer better price for more quantities! 

Start today, register one account here, see what you can do on the design. There won't be any cost to design online anyway. ;) 

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