Do you remember the the reason for your cycling for the first time?

by Souke Sports on Aug 18, 2022

Do you remember the the reason for your cycling for the first time?

Cycling is attractive and addictive for cyclists, once you ride, you will love the feeling of freedom. Do you remember the first time your rode? For health, fun, sustainability, or maybe even for hot girls? 


Here are some reasons from other cyclists:

‘Fitness and variety. I was an adult masters swimmer working out in the pool with some very talented triathletes who got me into mt. biking first (thats all I owned) then road riding.’

—— by C. from USA

‘I just wanted an excuse to shave my legs......’

—— by D. from USA

I love the feel of the ride and the sound of the wind blowing in my ears

—— by P. from FR

‘To get to school. A lot faster than walking.’

—— by P. from USA

‘To make my legs look stronger’

—— by A. from UK

‘Took it up again at age 33 when I got pushed into mt. biking by some triathlete friends I had been swimming with. Bought a cheap Fuji mt. bike/hybrid, beat the crap out of it and am now on bike 21 about 33 years later. I do it for exercise.’

—— by C. from USA

‘I harassed my parents into buying me a Schwinn StingRay. I mainly rode it to the park and to school and back.’

—— by G. from USA

‘Because my parent thought it was dangerous to ride a motorcycle, they gave me a professional bike as my birthday gift.’

—— by K. from DE


No matter what the reason you just ride, I believe that you have fallen in love with cycling. Cycling is an integral part of your life, and the same is true for SOUKE, we are committed to making cyclists more comfortable and more affordable cycling apparel. 


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