Car-Free Day,Are You Ready To Ride?

by Souke Sports on Sep 27, 2022

Car-Free Day,Are You Ready To Ride?

Introduction of Car Free Day

Car Free Day is a global initiative that promotes environmentally friendly alternatives to driving in a car.
Throughout the 1990s, there were unofficial "vehicle free days," and in 2000, the first official, worldwide Car Free Day was introduced. Several major cities, including Bogota and Jakarta, close their main thoroughfares and fill them with walking and cycling events on this day. Additionally, smaller car-free events happen all around the world.
The purpose of World Car Free Day is to encourage everyone to refrain from driving on this day. Although cars are practical and beneficial in many ways, they also generate a frightening quantity of pollution, thus taking the day off is strongly advised. World Car Free Day is an excellent way to spread awareness of these issues and encourage the reduction of emissions.

How To Celebrate Car Free Day

The best way to celebrate it is to leave your car keys at home and make sure your car is firmly parked in your driveway throughout the day. If you and your family are tired of walking, why not go on a family bike ride to honor World Car Free Day?
Everyone in the current world is occupied with their jobs, studies, and social lives. Time spent with family is severely lacking, which can cause relationships to become strained. 
The day, however, will help us start to make up for it by taking the family cycling. Cycling is a fun and healthy activity for the whole family. It can be a stress-reliever, a chance for family members to open up, and a chance to get to know each other better to cycle through nature with your loved ones and take in its beauty.

The Positive Impacts For The Planet On Car Free Day

The world has had a love-hate connection with the cars since the first vehicle drove onto the streets in 1886. Today, with more than one billion motor cars on the road worldwide, it sometimes feels like we have no choice but to live with the pollution, noise, and danger they create.
With the emergence of extreme weather in recent years, rising sea levels, and the melting of Antarctic glaciers, people have realized the harm of global warming. The cause of global warming is the increase in carbon emissions, and transport accounts for 21% of global carbon emissions. It is now the largest emitting sector in many developed countries.
Every year, one day is set aside to try to avoid driving and opt instead for biking, walking, or taking public transportation. Car Free Day encourages people to try alternatives and be less reliant on their cars in an effort to cool the world for just one day. Through this day, we hope to raise awareness of the advantages of cycling over driving, which will change how people travel and help the environment continue to get better.

Souke Promise

1.Less waste: Our factory advocates saving water and electricity, but products too much unnecessary clothing, resulting in waste.

2.Buy less: Our clothes are of better quality and last longer, and we hope to reduce the number of times people buy cycling clothes

3.Promote cycling actively: Let more people join us, reduce the number of car use and the pollution to the environment.

4.What we are doing: We are looking for a comfortable and durable eco-friendly materials to make cycling clothes, but at present, environmentally-friendly fabrics are not up to our standards, but we will continue to look for them.

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