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Is the Chamois the Thicker, the Better?

by Souke Sports on Dec 28, 2021

Is the Chamois the Thicker, the Better?-Souke Sports

For all cycling enthusiasts. Today our topic is whether the thicker chamois in cycling shorts is better, or not? The answer is definitely “not”. Many cycling shorts are advertising their Chamois are with 3D or 4D or even up to 7 layers on Amazon. It looks like more padded chamois might be better. But it’s not true as we can also find many chamois from the higher-end cycling shorts are usually not very thick, some might be just two layer (2D) or 3 layers (3D) padded. There must be a reason for these less padded chamois to be more expsensive, so we can make a conclusion that the thicker chamois is not always better.

Except for the thickness, the density and material are also crucial points when we pick the Chamois on the cycling shorts. Silicone and memory foam are two main materials to make padding. The silicone padding is soft and have enough density to support the bones so can help reduce the saddle sour when you are riding. But normally we don’t use it on the cycling shorts because the silicone got its biggest disadvantage of not breathable enough and heat up very easily. In addition, the density of the materiel is very important. If the chamois is claimed to be very thick, and multiple layers, but its density is not enough, your bones will easily sink into the thick and soft chamois, which will tend to cause bruising to the tissue around your sit bones. The memory foam SOUKE use is breathe enough to make your ride comfortably while has a density over 90kg/m3, which will support your 100km ride without any problem.

How to choose the chamois that fit us? Thick or thin?

For the cyclists who just begin cycling, they might not ride road bikes very often. It will take some time for them to get accustomed to the saddle sore. And during this period, it would be much better to choose the thicker padding. Because the thicker chamois will help us feel more comfortable for a long ride and reduce the saddle sore. Souke Sports BS1606 and PS5000 are two great example of these cycling shorts for new cyclists, They would fit them great since the 6 layers of high density 90kg/m3 memory foam is equipped, which is enough to support your ride with less muscle sour. It’s tested to stand average of 100km ride and ease over 90% of the pain during the ride. What’s more, the price is also very reasonable all less than 50USD, they are the real cost-effective item for the cycling beginners. Check Out Now.

However, for experienced cyclists who might ride a lot, the bones and muscles have gotten used to the long time riding pain. Their next level focus is comfort and breathabilities. If they wear a thick padding shorts, it might prevent the sweat from breathing out and cause more trouble like bacteria breeding. The thick Chamois will also influence the performance if someone is looking for speed. At this stage, cyclists would more likely to pick the bike shorts with less thicker chamois but with better breathable function one. For these professionals, we would like to suggest BS1601 ans BS1602 because the padding of these two items is thiner but with enough density to support, also more breathable, which cannot bring the discomforts and stuffiness even in Summer. Check Out Now.


We can choose the shorts carefully according to your personal situation and different usage purpose. It’s best only when it fits you. So have you picked the right cycling shorts with the right chamois? If there is any different ideas, please feel free to share in comments.

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