Jack’s Short Cycling Trip in Shropshire and His Wearing Experience of Souke Set

by Souke Sports on Jul 18, 2022

Jack’s Short Cycling Trip in Shropshire and His Wearing Experience of Souke Set

Today, the protagonists of the video are Jack and his friend. They are now located in the Wrekin Mountains of Shropshire, England. Because this mountain is 407 meters above sea level, lined with trees, far away from the city, and has few vehicles, it is popular with walkers and tourists and offers good views of Shropshire.

The brief ride that Jack and his pal take has no clear beginning or end. They cycle along the road while watching the scenery, enjoying the tranquility brought by the beautiful surrounding scenery. Occasionally, he races his friend to ride quickly, which not only makes this brief ride more enjoyable but also strengthens his bond with my pals.

I have to admit that their cycling suit blends in beautifully with the surroundings. They are presented with a cozy, eco-friendly, straightforward beauty as the sun shines on the leaves after striking them to create mottled light and shadows.

We can see in the video that Jack sweats a lot as he rides because there are beads of sweat falling off Jack's face in the video. So when choosing cycling clothing, he cares more about the lightness and breathability of the fabric. Regarding the riding experience of Souke's clothes, he said that he likes Souke's jerseys very much. The fabrics are high-quality, light, and breathable, and they will not feel hot or uncomfortable when worn in summer. The close-fitting tailoring outlines Jack's perfect muscle lines.

He said he was worried that the stretch and logo of the jersey would be damaged due to multiple washings, but he has worn the Souke set 5–6 times and has had no problems so far.

We can fully understand his concern because of the high price of the jerseys (due to their complex tailoring and fabrics, their price is slightly more expensive than other sportswear). Nobody wants to spend a lot of money buying clothes that can only be worn once, which is wasteful and not environmentally friendly, so Souke attaches great importance to the durability of the fabric, so it can meet the needs of customers but also be in line with our environmental protection concept.

Many thanks to Jack for sharing his riding route and wearing experience of Souke's set. We also see Jack's optimism, health, and friendship, and hope that more and more cycling fans can share their riding stories.

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