Here Are Some Tips To Keep Safe While Cycling & Stories of Souke New Product

by Souke Sports on Jul 01, 2022

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Safe While Cycling & Stories of Souke New Product

Here Are Some Tips To Keep Safe While Cycling 

1. To get a sense of the route, look at the bicycle map before beginning.

To arrange your riding speed according to the road condition and improve your riding experience, you can determine the route in advance and whether it is safe to ride around.

2. Wear clothing that is light and bright with reflective materials.

According to studies, bikers should refrain from wearing dark colors while riding because these hues make it more difficult for drivers to spot cyclists. Additionally, dressing in bright colors make you more energetic and feel better.
Wearing tight-fitting clothes will better protect your muscles and reduce wind resistance when cycling. If you are a night riding enthusiast, please be sure to wear clothes with reflective strips, which will make you easier to see in the dark, helping to ensure your safety.

3. Always wear a helmet and carry a safety kit

Almost 74 percent of fatal bicycle crashes involve head injury, according to a study published in Cochrane Reviews. You can never predict when you will fall and get injured, so it is important to wear a helmet that fits snugly with the strap-on.

4. Stretch before and after your ride

Before engaging in any physical activity, stretching and simple calisthenics can help reduce the risk of suffering an injury. Stretching and cooling down after a ride will keep you loose, prevent cramping, and speed up your recovery.

5. Stay hydrated & fueled along the way

Bicycling is a strenuous sport. Hydrate well before, during, and after your ride to give your body the energy it needs to meet the challenge. Souke suggests refueling after rides with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins.

6. Please take your belongings properly.

What would you do if you only needed to bring a few necessities (wallet, phone, keys, etc.) for a brief ride? Will you decide to forgo carrying some accessorials or carry an extra bag? If you have this problem, you are not alone. Souke found that many bikers are having this issue. To address that, we have developed a new product. I believe YOU WILL LOVE IT :




The Story of BS1603

We created this product as a result of customer feedback we received at the end of 2021, which suggested that they wished there were pockets on the pants in addition to the jersey so that it would be more practical to carry some belongings for gravel riding.

We think this is a fantastic idea, and then eager to produce it at the beginning of this year. However, after conducting numerous tests, we discovered that including pockets on both sides of the pants may cause discomfort or raise the possibility of dropping. We struggled with these issues until June, after much testing and design, we finally solved these problems, and the double pocket pants are now available.


1. Advanced Double Pockets: They are on both sides of the bib short and fit closely to the curve of your body, we choose stretch fabrics to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.

2. Comfortable and drop-resistant: After many designs and tests, we have selected the most suitable pocket depth and angle, even if you are a gravel cycling lover, the belongings of the pockets will not fall.

3. Breathable Mesh Materials: The back is designed with highly breathable mesh, which is suitable for summer or long rides.

4. Reflective Strips: Highly visible reflective strips on the front of the shorts are ideal for cycling at night.

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