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Be a Fashion Women Cyclist

by Souke Sports on May 26, 2022

Be a Fashion Women Cyclist

 Gone are those days when a woman had to wear a baggy men’s jacket and large or unflattering shorts while cycling. Now, you can easily find the best women’s cycling kit that comes with all the required women-specific cycling gear so that you can enjoy maximum levels of comfort while riding your cycle.

Well, based on the trails and weather in the place you are living, it can be a little challenging for you to understand what you should wear or use for cycling. Remember that different types of women cyclists will require different types of gear. For example, most road riders may sport a tight Lycra-based kit with bright colour options. But a mountain cyclist may prefer to go for more protective and baggier cycling clothing. Let’s discuss these clothes and apparel in detail.

Padding Shorts

While arranging a women's cycling kit, don’t forget to add padded shorts. Well, it may appear like an odd idea, but you will enjoy a lot of benefits from this. In general, most cycling shorts are created with a layer of foam to offer an extra layer of shock absorption. There will be a better shock absorption movement between the saddle and you. Besides, such shorts can also be used without underwear, lowering the risk of chafing. Well, while buying, go for a women-specific padded short that can offer you a perfect fit.

Shorts or Bibs

Nowadays, you can easily find women’s bibs and shorts that are designed to perfectly fit women’s requirements and needs. You can go for a short or bibs with loaner front inseams that will comfortably accommodate longer waists. Besides, you can also get a dropper bib that has features like clips, zippers, and more. These are also available in different sizes, such as halter, open back, etc. In terms of material, buy one that is made of Lycra fabric. The lack of waistband on bibs makes them more comfortable.

Shirts Or Jersey

While shirts and jerseys are a must for every cyclist, if you don’t have a unique body dimension, you can stick to an inexpensive jersey. While buying online, don’t forget to carefully check the dimension of the product and your body’s measurements. If you prefer to use bibs, then wearing a jersey can be a good option. However, for shorts, then wear a cycling shirt with wicking material for maximum comfort.


Well, there is nothing wrong with investing your money in a pair of quality gloves. Gloves may not seem that much of an important item, but they can protect your delicate skin. A good quality glove can effectively absorb sweat, and you will be able to have a perfect grip on your handle. With a perfect pair of cycling gloves with quality palm padding, you can have a longer riding experience without any discomfort.
So, what are you waiting for? Now you know about different types of women cycling clothing that you can use, go on, and buy your first women's cycling kit online. However, always prefer to buy it from a reputable store to enjoy good quality. Wear them now and enjoy a comfortable cycling experience.

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