Condividi la tua esperienza ciclistica per vincere i nuovi pantaloncini di souke ----- Promozione di Father Day

di xiaoliu lin Su Jun 09, 2021

Di oggiS notizie, separa il contenuto come parti di seguito:
1. Caratteristiche di nuovi pantaloncini BS1601 e BS1602;
2. Differenza tra BS1601, BS1602 e BS1606


Tutti i pantaloncini del pettorale hanno disegni riflettenti sul lato posteriore e sulla parte della pinza.

1. Tranpe: 
2. Modello di dimensioni: 
3. Chamios: 
4. Gripper: 

Sceglieremo 2 fortunato ciclista per provare il nostro nuovo BS1601 o BS1602
Volta: th
Scrivi nel commento della tua esperienza in bicicletta con qualsiasi abbigliamento da ciclismo che hai prima. Menzionare un numero casuale 1 ~ 100.

Cyclewithfather. Il codice coupon con valido dal 9 giugnoth  Clicca qui per controllare i prodotti

Spero che tu ti diverta e una felice festa del papà in anticipo. Ora lascia il gioco!

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  • Souke Sports Official
    Jun 22, 2021 a 14:43

    Hi Every one, we just picked the random number, the lucky number is : 48 and 34 which turns out our winner is Randy Devost and Mitchell, we will contact these winner to get the prize soon.
    Thank you all for the support and welcome to join more of our website activities in future. :)


  • Souke Sports Official
    Jun 22, 2021 a 14:38

    We got total 14 valid entries, which are: 69, 17, 28, 21, 34, 47, 88, 76, 13, 48, 47, 51, 23, 64. We will start picking randum number now. Winner will come out very soon.


  • Ernest Ridrigues
    Jun 21, 2021 a 16:22

    I’ve been using jersey such as assos, santini, giordana and castelli to name a few. Love all of them. Especially giordana and assos for the padding on the bibs. Tho I’ve got a ton of kits these are re few I mostly use. The Santin I got was the aero version which I love cos of the color and the fit. Recently I got 2 sets of souke bib and jerseys. Got them cos the feedback was good and of cos the colors – I’m a sucker for colors . Tired them on. Felt the M jersey that I got was a just a fraction too tight but would still work. The bib padding was up there amongst the top brands. The material especially the perforated area is class!! But I did find the waist/hip line was bit too loose for an M (aero cut as advertised) unlike all my M bibs when u wanna put them on, the entry is always bit firm or tight and when u put them on it gives the firm snugness. Sadly I didn’t feel the same with the souke. Pity cos they are made with quality and not over priced. The fit around the crotch and legs were perfect just that him waist area. One other issue was the straps over the shoulder.. they were pretty loose. I’m an M (could fit in an L) and 178m. And that strap was dangling a little. Overall – I’ll still buy ur stuff cos it’s top. Just need to make some alterations. No 69


  • Remko Lv
    Jun 18, 2021 a 17:52

    I got all the help i needed sofar via WhatsApp, direct and quick respons. many companies can take an example on Souke’s Customer Service (y) – only can’t decide which set I want to buy, can’t make up my mind yet :D :D

    Random NR: 17


  • Ali Al-Emadi
    Jun 14, 2021 a 19:17

    Im happy with my Soukesports cycling jersey and will probably buy another one soon. Even on the hottest days, the material is light and soft. I’ll recommend it to my friends.

    The only problem which was rectified was the long shipping and delivery period.


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