Welcome to SOUKE Sports

Souke Sports was founded in 2019 with one mission – to bring style with comfort to enthusiastic cyclists.

When we started there was a limited choice so it took us some time to develop and create a line of products for causal and for professional cyclists. We used our experience, R&D team and most importantly our wonderful customers. We listened to them and adopted their ideas what they wanted and it helped us to even start a Custom Made Souke Product line too. Now we have a line of ride-ready supplies with exceptional quality and at an exceptional price. Custom Made Cycling Wear allows you to design your own gear, choose your own fabric, and have your own logos and above all made as per your sizes. The turnaround time is 10-15 working days We have committed to providing our customers with the best customer service—before and after-sales.



SOUKE stands for:


The most crucial factor we consider is the satisfaction of our riders. We are working hard and adopting every measure to provide our customers with a sense of security and happiness. We will also listen to customers' suggestions to make our products and services better.


Cycling is an outdoor sport which is always an organic part that we are near and close to nature. Now research has proven how important it is that we spend time in the sunlight, breathe the fresh air, and let us sweat as much as possible to remove the toxins from our bodies. Riding in the morning will improve my appetite and elevates my mood. It’s the organic and natural way.


They can belong to any culture, religion, color or race. They have one love and passion, cycling. It’s an unsaid unity and bond between them. They are friends the moment they see one another. They love talking about their rides and experiences. Cyclists are just an extended family.


We are always keen and working hard to provide our customers with the best quality cycling gear at an amazing price. It’s to make their ride comfortable and enjoyable at the same time. The cyclist can choose from our latest designs and with peace of mind what they are buying is one of the best available out there with the latest improvements whether its in design, fabric or safety.


One of the most important factors in keeping our wonderful planet is by reducing carbon emissions to the lowest. Cycling is much closer to nature and the most nature-friendly sport. It helps us reduce the use of a car and public transport which helps to keep our planet green.




-The Best Quality

Our fabrics are lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, comfortable, and ergonomically designed. If you are new to Souke, we suggest you try our cycling bib shorts, which are made of high-density and elastic memory foam. To ensure the comfort of the cushion, we invite professionals for more than ten years to manually tap the edge of the seat cushion, making the stitched place flatter and more comfortable,

-Unique & Fashion Design

We have our own designing department, that dares to design one of the most wonderful and unique designs which meet all your aesthetic needs. We allow you to wear a new design every day from our large collection. If you like to design your own kit you are always welcome to our Custom Made Souke Sports website.

-Low in Price

Do you think cycling clothes are too expensive? Are you afraid of buying poor-quality jerseys from a retailer that will make you uncomfortable while riding?

We have resolved your issues because we are delivering you the best quality and an extraordinarily low price because we are the manufacturers ourselves and delivering right at your doorstep eliminating the middlemen who pocket high profits and they are nowhere to be found later on. We are always here to help you and listen to your suggestions and advice.

We hope cycling can make you healthy and happy, and Souke will be your most reliable, loyal partner on your ride.



Compared with many century-old companies, we are a company that has only been established for 4 years. No one is perfect and there is always room for improvement, but this also motivates us to become better and better so we can be one of the Best. We want to provide the best service for cyclists. We hope you can be part of us too, we are on your side.