Unlike many other sports clothing, cycling apparel fits differ a lot depending on the brand, style, size, and fabric—which means you have options upon options! Without a doubt, the best way to determine which size is best suitable for you is to try on yourself. But what about purchasing online when you have no item to try on?

Generally speaking, cycling apparel should be tighter and snug to your body, but when picking a size, one’s personal preference also needs to be taken into consideration. Some cyclists are just weekend riders, or MTB riders, who only want the looser fit, while others might be professional road cycling racers, who prefer the most snug and performance fit.

SOUKE offers different cyclists with different choice based on their own needs. Unlike most of the other brand cycling apparel, which might only use 5% spandex in their fabric. SOUKE uses 15% to 20% to ensure the fabric to be the high elastic and 4 way stretchable. One cyclist can wear SOUKE product from size L to size S.


CLUB fit

The most relaxed fit, the club fit is best suited for the casual cyclists, weekend riders, or cyclists who ride for city commuting purpose. Most of the beginners or casual riders and MTB cyclists prefer this fit kind. We offer the Club fit in our CS2113, CS2115, CS2116 collections.  

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Comfortable tight
The comfortable fit provides an tighter and snug fit, with a slim fit and a tiny bit of breathing room. It is the choice for most road cyclists in their everyday cycling and training. Most of SOUKE Pro line are made in this fit such as our CS1103, CS1107 cycling jerseys, BS1601 bib shorts.

souke sports, comfortable tight fit, size guide

RACE fit
The race fit will be the tightest fit from SOUKE, which is the perfect option for cyclists who prefer an ultra tight fit, these jerseys and bibs will fit very slim through the chest and waist, with a narrower sleeve as well. Our CS1101 CS1105 cycling jersey and BS1602 bib shorts are designed to be race fit.

souke sports, size guide, race fit,

Like we mentioned above, SOUKE products are highly stretchable, so even if a cyclist pick the Race fit product, he can also get the products with other kind of fit at the end.  


Step One
: Determine what kind of fit you prefer?
Do you prefer looser, tighter or Aero fit? Ask yourself and check what kind of cycling you are doing the most. It is pretty important if you can get the right size fit.

Step Two: Measure the relative body size info such as your chest, waist and hip. Chest sizes are the most important size when you picking up a cycling jersey, while the waist and hip determine what kind of size you can fit in your cycling shorts.

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Step Three: Check the size chart on SOUKE product page. Question comes: what about my size are in different size range? We will answer this with an example:

Steven is picking up a cycling jersey CS1103 for his own, he measured his chest info to be 36’’/91.44cm, we can find that three sizes M, L, and XL can meet his needs.

souke sports, size guide, cs1103 size chart

Club Fit: XL, where 36’’(your size) is in the left side of this range. If Steven is looking for some looser fit jersey, then he can choose the size based on this rule.
Comfortable Tight Fit: L, where 36’’(your size) is in the middle side of this range. If Steven cycling a lot and want some more performance jersey, while he doesn’t prefer too tight as Aero fit, he can choose the size based on this rule.
Race Fit: M, where 36’’(your size) is in the right side of this range. Suppose Steven is a professional cyclist who are looking for extreme tight jersey, then he can pick the size based on this rule.

As most of the SOUKE products are for road cyclists, our club fit might be also tighter than other brands, so if you are looking for REAL club fit, you might want to add one more size as well. As to other road cyclists, most of the time, the race fit and comfortable tight fit choice will be the best fit from the feedback of our clients.

What’s More, SOUKE also developed its own online size guide system, you can put your size info into our size guide, it will help you recommend the suitable size, very convenient to use as well.

Anyway, size issue is always the biggest issue in the clothing industry, no matter how big the brand is, and how long we are in the business, there will be some size issues and questions now and then. Please don’t be hesitate to contact us when you have the questions, our service will reach to help you within 24 hours.