SOUKE Choices
— Balance nature and comfort —
Nature and comfort are our constant sources of inspiration here at Souke. And this extends to our material choices. We have tried using natural fabrics like cotton and linen, but this leads to poor comfort. Failing this, we draw on ideas from nature to create synthetic materials to provide a specific solution to a unique challenge. Our material mixes are selected through trial and error in-house, and materials are developed by the best suppliers in the industry.
At Souke, it’s not just about creating products that live up to your expectations. It’s also about developing materials that stand up to the rigors of daily life while reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible without compromising comfort.

Main Materials
— The foundations Souke is built on —
- High fiber strength, strong wear resistance, difficult to distort after frequent use and washing.
- Comfortable, stretchy fit; won't impede mobility.
- Good breathability, moisture removal, antimicrobial, and deodorant properties.
- Strong resistance to wrinkles, light weight, and portability.
- Polyester has a smooth surface and lowers wind resistance.
- UV protection and saving sunscreen.

- Sustainability: longer-lasting anti-deformation and anti-aging effects.
- More elastic and supple.
- Has a 20 times higher abrasion resistance than wool and a 10 times higher abrasion resistance than cotton.

- Resistance to sweat and salt, acid and age, mildew, high detergent resistance, and other qualities.
- Strong dyeing capabilities, preventing fading of the spandex fabric.
- Comfy and ideal for a tight fit.
Supporting Materials
— The everyday heroes —
Cycling Shorts/Pants Chamois
ERGONOMIC 4D PAD: Compact, seamless chamois with multi-density foam padding provides comfort and durability. Meanwhile, the pad is perforated for airflow and ventilation in the saddle area, making it lightweight, and breathable, and helping to prevent saddle sores.
After tests, we have determined the thickness and density of memory foam are most suitable for cycling. The memory foam is better in air permeability than silicone, increasing the wearer’s comfort. Memory foam pads are soft, not easy to deform and support the hips evenly.
Padded Bike Shorts are ideal for cycling, mountain biking, road biking, spinning, indoor cycling and so on.
SBS zipper-Brand zipper, tested 5000 times
We are currently cooperating with the SBS Zipper company because of the high smoothness and good quality. In the future, we will be upgrading to YKK zippers. Let's look forward to it!
You must have experienced the unfortunate event of a zipper breaking or falling, Souke uses SBS zippers to save you from facing these problems.
Unique Design Anti-slip Strip
There are non-slip tapes on the back of the clothes to hold clothing steady. Moreover, it has a certain load-bearing capacity, preventing the stuff in your pockets from excessive sagging.
High Quality Reflective Strips
High visible reflective strips on your clothes are safe and ideal for cycling at night.