How to keep cycling outside in winter

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How to keep cycling outside in winter

Do you think riding outside in the winter is cold? I hope the advice and goods listed below can make your winter ride happier.

Layer up

Just as with other outdoor activities, layering bike clothing is the right strategy for winter cycling. Start out feeling a little cool because you’ll warm up as you ride. If you don’t warm up enough, though, you want the option to add another layer from your bike bag. It’s also wise to have a warm jacket, such as SOUKE Windproof Jacket-JA0700 for rest or repair stops because you chill quickly when you’re not pedaling.

SOUKE Windproof Jacket-JA0700

Inappropriate clothing will leave you shivering, sweaty, or both. While you can simply crank up the pace to stay warm in autumn, winter requires a different approach. Combine warm yet wicking Souke Long-sleeve Fleece-Lined Jersey with Lightweight Windproof Cycling Gilet mid-layers, waterproof shell jackets, and Souke Fleece Winter Bib Tights. Versatility is key.

SOUKE Cycling Kit For Winter

Pack Extra Gear

- Cycling headwear: A cycling cap or skullcap that fits under your helmet adds a surprising amount of warmth. For severe cold, consider a face mask or a helmet that covers more of your head. Some helmets can be used for more than one activity (snow/cycle) and feature interchangeable liners to adjust their warmth. Add goggles to protect your eyes.

Bike gloves: Bike gloves that are fully waterproof can keep your hand dry and warm in winter. Find the warmest pair of gloves that still afford you full control of your brakes and shifters. You also need them to grip well in wet weather.

SOUKE Cycling Glove

- Extra Socks:An extra pair of socks stashed in a re-sealable plastic bag can be a godsend if you accidentally put your feet in a puddle or an icy stream on the trail.

SOUKE Heat Absorption Socks

With thoughtful preparation, you and your bike can roll happily along all year round. Combine that with a sense of adventure and a little perseverance, and who knows? Come summertime, you might even find yourself counting the days until next winter’s riding season.

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