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Souke Sports Men's Quick-Dry Running Shorts-PS3109-Black

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Stoff:ohne160;shell:Polychlorid, Polyester, 8% Spandex im Bereich der Vorderachse
             Verschiedenes 160;Innenkurz: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex

Designer: Die Trainingshosen für Männer sind mit einer Weste ausgestattet und bieten eine sichere und einstellbare Passform, während eine hintere Reißverschluss-Tasche für die sichere Aufbewahrung kleiner wertvoller Gegenstände sorgt.“(Nr.1600;

Hinweis zur Waschung:

Kombi-Waschanlage 1600Separat.
Nicht in der Vorderfront.
Maschine im Kombibereich 1600Waschen im Kombibereich;Kalt.
Sie dürfen nicht in die Höhe von 160gehen; sie dürfen sich selbst oder mit anderen Gegenständen im Bereich des feuchten Raums im Freien bedecken;
Dont Anwendung Weichmacher
Dont Bleiche
Dont einweichen, aber Sofort abspülen

Umblättern und im Schatten trocknen
Dont Eisen
Dieses Gewebe ist anfällig für Pilling
Dont reiben die Oberfläche 

360-Grad-Reflektivität hilft, Ihre Sichtbarkeit bei niedrigen Lichtverhältnissen zu verbessern.oder die schnelle und bequeme Aufbewahrung kleiner wertvoller Gegenstände.«;
Reflektive Details bedeuten, dass Sie nicht in Ihren Shorts stehen müssen, wenn die Dunkelheit fällt.Erlauben Ihnen volle Bewegungsfreiheit, damit Sie diesen Schritt wirklich dehnen können.

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J. Kennedy
Was skeptical, but ended up pleased

These are no doubt my go to shorts for CrossFit. I just wish there were more color options. They still look new regardless of how many bars they've come in contact with also which is a surprise. I think I'm going to order more in the same colors though. I hate it when I look and realize they're in the wash. Other shorts tend to bind or catch on the thighs which can be distracting, pulling on them between each rep or movement. +Original review+ First, they run slightly small. I wear a medium and that's what I ordered. They're slightly small for a medium but in my case they work just fine. If they were slightly large I'd have to change size so I'm happy with how they fit. I'm not one for "liners" or built in underwear, so to speak. However, these are great! Very comfortable and don't feel like you're wearing shorts with a "liner". First time I wore them for CrossFit we were only doing compound lifts including ****** and OH squat I was happy the shorts felt great, didn't ride and catch on my legs and everything stayed in place and happy. The length is good also, I was concerned about that. They're s a little shorter than what I normally wear, which are too long, and was perfect. No catching or binding on my legs, for example, going in to squats. Hopefully they'll be durable and last. Especially for the cost compared to other shorts, these are great, and comfortable. FYI, I ordered the Grey. They're dark grey, kind of a dark blue/gray not the lighter color the picture shows.

Fits Great and Keeps Everything Secure

I am not a fan of shorts with liners. I was quite dubious of these when my wife bought them for me. I'm not a runner but my workout has me doing Burbees and box jumps. I was very impressed by how how much support they provide. The material is light and not at all constricting. At 6'0" and 205 lbs they are form fitting. They are longer than I usually wear but the lightness of the material makes it workable. I appreciate the zipper pockets to carry my cell phone and ear buds. I highly recommend these shorts to anyone who exercises with lots of big movements.

Wayne B.
Great Shorts

The fit of these is perfect. Enough looseness but also fitted. The fabric is soft, stretchy, and light, but not too light or thin. The liner inside feels even softer, especially against your boys, and gives enough support but also room for your boys to hang a little. Pockets are great too.

5.0 out of 5 stars Liner grabs your thighs like compression shorts. Perfect fit.

These are great shorts! Having the liner in the shorts is awesome. I use them for workouts and for casual wear as they are very stylish. Love the zippered pockets too that hold items needed while working out. Very, very satisfied with this product! In fact, I have two pairs (grey and black) and asked my wife for two more pairs for my birthday. They are that good in my opinion.

Souke Sports Men's Quick-Dry Running Shorts-PS3109-Black

Souke Sports Men's Quick-Dry Running Shorts-PS3109-Black