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Souke Sports Men's Eco-Daily 4D Padded Bicycle Shorts-PS6018-Green

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Stoff: Hochwertiges Sportgewebe aus 85% Nylon und 15% Spandex, der atmungsaktiv genug ist, um Feuchtigkeit zu absorbieren und Schweiß loszulassen, auch dehnbar genug für Muskelerweiterung während des Reitens, Super Komfort zu tragen.

Polsterung: 6 Schichten mit hoher Dichte 90kg/m3 Memory-Schaum, der im Bereich der Kombi-1.1600steht;bis zu 100km Fahrt.Atmbar und 4-Wege dehnbar, lindernd über 90% des Schmerzes während der Fahrt.Personen im Kombibereich

Öffnung des Gripper/Beines:Kombizange aus umweltfreundlichem Silizium verhindert, dass sich die Beinöffnung während der Fahrt nach oben bewegt.Kombi1600;

Tragen bei jeder Situation: Fahrradunterwäsche Design kann in anderen Hosen oder draußen direkt getragen werden.Vermeiden Sie Unannehmlichkeiten und unangenehme Momente.
Design des Tails:Umgekehrt 160;zusätzliche Breite von 1.4''Taillenband, wodurch der Druck der Taille während der Fahrt erleichtert wird.Personen im Kombibereich

Hinweis zur Waschung:
-Waschen mit ähnlichen Farben
-Maschinenwäsche bis zu 30 Grad
-Nicht bleichen
-Hang to dry
-Nicht bügeln

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Hani A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I love it, the size is perfect and the material is great

M. Straub
Great Value

Checked out a local bike shop to get some padded (chamois) shorts and immediately left after seeing the price. I initially ordered two of these for testing then ordered another 5 more pairs. I ride upwards of 2 hours a day and was starting to get a bit sore about half way through. These have decent padding, but I do still feel a bit of pressure from the saddle on my sit bones (more adjustments required I think). I've got "thicker" thighs so I would get get bit of chafing/pain after longer rides. These have all but eliminated it. Regardless I got a week worth of shorts for a bit more than a single brand name pair. Time will tell how they hold up but all is good so far. Oh yea, 200lbs, 5' 10.5" XL is a perfect fit! I wear them under workout shorts as I'm not going for the spandex look quite yet :) They do not ride up. UPDATE: Been riding on these for a few weeks and have some thoughts. Maybe I just have a big butt but I wish the padding went a bit further up. The padding is directly underneath me so if I sit up at all I'm directly in contact with the seat. Sure I can hike them up but then the front parts get very uncomfortable due to the padding. I've also washed these multiple times on a delicate cycle and a few of the pairs have been a bit itchy and uncomfortable. Also make sure you pickup a tube of anti chafing cream as I rode once without and it was far worse than shorts and boxers. I think these would be great very short rides or exercise bike use, but anything over a half an hour and I'm pretty uncomfortable. I feel like I was used to my saddle without padding to the point where I could ride for an hour and have only slight discomfort. Perhaps they are not comparable with my saddle or my butt is in fact too big making the padding sit lower than it should. Regardless If you do longer rides I would suggest getting something a bit more expensive.

Simon C.
A Comfortable Fit Makes these Shorts A Must Have For the Bicycle Enthusiast

The Souke Sports 4D Padded Bike Shorts have a firm , snug fit while their ergonomic design ensures a comfortable day in the saddle. The perforated layers of the fabric creates good air flow and ensures moisture evaporation, providing oneself with a cool comfortable riding experience. Give yourself some piece of mind and protect your body from the powerful G-Forces of Bicycle Riding with the cushioned design of the Souke Sports 4D Padded Bike Shorts. These Shorts are a must-have purchase for Cyclists from the Amateur to the Professional Ranks So go ahead and treat yourself to the Souke Sports 4D Padded Bicycle Shorts , and you'll be glad that you did!

Bonne qualit��

Super de bonne qualit�� ! Il respecte ses engagements Super bien super confort

Souke Sports Men's Eco-Daily 4D Padded Bicycle Shorts-PS6018-Green

Souke Sports Men's Eco-Daily 4D Padded Bicycle Shorts-PS6018-Green