Introduction on the Training Route: Mons-en-Pévèle by French Cyclist Ben - SOUKE SPORTS

by Souke Sports on Jul 06, 2022

Introduction on the Training Route: Mons-en-Pévèle by French Cyclist Ben - SOUKE SPORTS

French Cyclist Ben X SOUKE SPORTS

Today, Souke invited Ben, a French cycling enthusiast, to tell us about his story with Souke and his daily cycling training.

Ben said: "Even though I didn't know about the Souke brand at that time, Tina, a member of the Souke staff, emailed me to recommend Souke apparel. I eventually agreed, and once the cycling apparel was mailed to my house, I loved the design of the apparel, and it was comfortable to wear. I've been a fan of Souke for over a year. "

Added Tina: I love cycling, so I work in Souke, a company specializing in cycling supplies, doing operations and products. I came across a video about Ben‘s riding on Youtube by chance. It was interesting and also taught me a lot of knowledge about riding, so I had an idea at the time. I hoped to send him some Souke clothes because I am confident in our company's clothes. I think Ben would also like them, so I immediately emailed to ask Ben's opinion. Luckily, he replied and agreed. We are glad that Ben likes our products. I hope we can work together for a long time and that we will do better.

Today, Ben rides in Mons-en-Pévèle, the northernmost city in France. It was a sunny, pleasant day, and since it was in a rural area, the scenery and air quality were ideal for cycling.

Ben's journey is very suitable for riding. Ben will determine the speed of riding according to the slope and road conditions. From the country road to the Grand Canal, the riding process will not be boring, and each journey will have a new experience.

One of the most special roads is the cobblestone road (which is also the source of the bumps). It is enjoyable to ride on the cobblestone road because it simulates the sensation of riding in the mountains.

On that day, Ben brought three cameras for video. It can be seen that Ben has excellent riding skills. He can hold the camera with one hand while shooting (although it is cool, if you are riding in the city or you are new to cycling, please do not imitate it).

If you regret not participating in Tour de France Race, or you feel unfulfilled after the race, welcome to Mons-en-Pévèle, a peaceful and lovely city in northern France to experience ben's training journey.

If you want to see the full riding video, please click the video below. 


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