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How to Start Road Cycling - Beginner Tips

by Souke Sports on Mar 04, 2022

How to Start Road Cycling - Beginner Tips-Souke Sports

Road bikes can commute, but they are not good at commuting. Road bikes can travel, but they are not suitable for travel. Road bikes cannot be parked casually. Road cycling has too many skills. Road cycling depends on rich experience...

 In general, road riding is more suitable as sports equipment. Not only does cycling increase your fitness, flexibility, strength, and joint mobility, but it can also improve your posture and strengthen your bones. Because of this, more and more people take road cycling as a kind of sports and fitness project. How can a cycling beginner quickly become a professional road rider?

Start cycling the easy way with our super-simple training guide.

1. Equipment for novice cyclists

You need a bike first. But there are all kinds of bicycles on the market, from price to style. Many novice cyclists, don't know and don't know how to choose a suitable bike. First of all, we need to introduce the common types of bicycles in the market:

road bike;

mountain bike;

hybrid bicycle;

folding bicycle;

electric bicycle.

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For road riding, it is obvious that we should choose road bikes. They have almost no suspension, smooth tires, and a light body, which is the fastest type of bicycle you can buy. Road bikes with different prices in the market should be selected according to their purchasing power.

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When you have a road bike, then you need some accessories. You need some protection. Helmets, gloves, and riding clothes can make you enjoy the ride more. The helmet can protect you from fatal injury in mistakes. Gloves can keep your hands from slipping due to sweating during long-term cycling. The breathable and hydrophobic properties of cycling clothes keep you comfortable. Padded riding pants are also more effective than saddle pads.

Water bottles and supports are also needed, especially for long-distance cyclists. It is also very important to replenish water in time during road cycling.

There are also some important tips:

- Keep your tires inflated and reduce the chance of being punctured.

- Bring some repair kits. Like inner tube, wrench, and so on.

- Wear riding glasses. Protect your eyes from harm.

2. Training of novice cyclists

Beginners should first adapt to their bike and understand its performance and speed.

For the first week of cycling, if you don't cycle regularly, start by doing 3 to 5 30 to 60-minute rides. If you've been riding for leisure or transportation, count the hours you ride per week (not miles!) and add 10%.

Then we suggest you make a suitable riding plan according to your time, work and rest. To make safe progress, the initial riding does not need to be too fast. Keep at a speed suitable for yourself, get familiar with your bike, and exercise your physical strength.

After that, you'll need to commit around 6.5 to 8 hours of exercise per week, which includes some sessions off the bike to work for different muscle groups and reduce the chance of injury.

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3. With experienced riders.

There is nothing faster for a novice cyclist to learn with an experienced cyclist than with an experienced cyclist. Because every experienced rider starts with a beginner. It is recommended to contact the local cycling community. Most people will be happy to help inexperienced cyclists speed up their learning efficiency. The key is to find a comfortable group.

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4. conclusion

Road riding requires a lot of equipment, which is also a lot of expense. But seemingly endless products do not have to buy all. However, it is quite necessary for cycling clothes.

A good cycling jersey can keep you breathable, absorbent, and dry quickly during long-term cycling. So that you can stay comfortable all the time and won't catch a cold. This is very important. And it is also closely related to the material of clothes. For example, cs1101 of souke sports adopts lightweight Italian fabric can do this well.

As mentioned above, padded riding pants are much more comfortable than saddle pads. At the same time, good riding pants can make your muscles stretch better during riding, and also have the functions of perspiration and quick drying. The Bib pants BS1606 of souke sports are a great choice for both professional riders and novices. And it's also very cheap, suitable for beginners with a lower budget.

In addition to cycling clothes, the remaining accessories are also more important. If the bicycle is equipped with self-locking pedals, a pair of riding shoes are also necessary. Riding gloves can maintain the stability of riding, which is also necessary for the safety of beginners. At the same time, its cushion can have some shock absorption functions. Helmets are a necessity for riders. Giro and Shoes are very good helmet brands. Riding glasses can help you deal with all kinds of emergencies in road riding, such as flying insects, glare, and so on. Recommend giant Their brand sells all kinds of riding accessories and is also a trusted brand.

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