The Introduction of Souke New Jersey CS1123

by Souke Sports on Jul 19, 2022

The Introduction of Souke New Jersey CS1123

Congratulations, Souke has a new jersey called CS1123. For this new road bike jersey, we have designed three colors for customers.

1. The Description of CS1123:

- CS1123-Black
The Souke Black CS1123. Black is more classic and symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. Reflective strips on arms and back also keep you safe at night.
Recommended match: CS1123-Black+BS1606-Black(Never Wrong Black Set)
- CS1123-Red
Souke used this bright red for the first time. It can help you stand out from the throng, besides, red is the color of passion, love, life, and health. 
Recommended match:CS1123-Red+BS1606-Navy (The Color of Spiderman)
- CS1123-Green
The CS1123-Green jersey you get is brighter than the picture (closer to blue). This color has a sense of deep peace. The contrasting colors of green and off-white make the jersey personal.
Recommended match:CS1123-Green+BS1601-Green (The Color of Nature)

2. Advantages of CS1123

- Body-fitting, three-dimensional cutting: No matter what size you are, it conforms to the curves of your body, and the cordless head is cut for extra comfort.
- Lightweight and breathable fabric: Quick-drying polyester fabric that is light and breathable, with 10% antibacterial bamboo charcoal fiber.
- Arm and back reflective strips: The reflective strips are not easy to damage after multiple washings, making you more secure when riding at night.
- 3+1 large-capacity partition pockets: Three deep open pockets, plus one zipped pocket, give you room for your essentials.
- Souke personal logo design: The big logo SOUKE means different roads for cycling. S for S-shaped mountain road, O for circle road, U for U-shaped highway, K for straight, uphill, and downhill road, and finally, E for tunnel ride.

3. Discounts For U

USE CODE: SOUKESPORTS to get an extra 10% off.
Free shipping over $159.

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