SOUKE 2022 1st Cycling Jersey CS1108 is Now Releasing!

by Souke Sports on Jan 17, 2022

SOUKE 2022 1st Cycling Jersey CS1108 is Now Releasing!-Souke Sports

As we all know, quality is the top priority when they are choosing cycling apparel, designs follow closely. There are many great bike wear fabric in the market, as long as you pay enough money, you always get what you paid for. However, it is always harder to find a great quality jersey with great design at the same time. Do you want to ride a bike with a more fashionable jersey? Do you want to wear a jersey with characteristic logo and bold color matching? Logo designs are always very hard to do! If the designs not good, the product will look very cheap! SOUKE CS1108 is definitely a logo design jersey, and now let’s see the details about this jersey!

Color Matches: 
CS1108 has three choices, each choice uses 3 main colors.
1. Dark Red, Navy and White. These 3 colors are from inspiration from UK flag. The colors matches are really nice and classic.
2. Dark Green, Yellow, and White. The yellow and white can be easily seen from the green, which ensure the jersey visible enough to be seen during cycling. The whole matches is really nice!
3. Black & White. This is the classic black and white match.

LOGO Placement
SOUKE do have one kind of logo design before, one is our CS1103, which got a lot small SOUKE logos, but overall, the jersey looks like a pure color. Unlike CS1103, CS1108 are using all big logos. There are several lines of SOUKESPORTS stands in a 45 degree way. One line bold, while the others hollowed-out, with the two main colors alternately, the whole LOGO looks more vivid and nice! Also, the logos are only on the main body, for the arm sleeve and collar, we still use the pure colors, which makes the whole design looks very fashionable.

Other Details on Materiels
The fabric we use are still our pro line 85% polyester + 15% spandex Italy made fabric. Same as our CS1106. The same quick dry and lightweight style.
Race fit two size smaller than standard EU, US size.
Breathable mesh fabric at two sides.
3 Rear pockets at backside.
High end SBS lockable zippers.

Matching Items Recommendations
1. With a pro line jersey, you will always need a pro bib shorts BS1601. There are three colors black, navy and green, can easily match the three CS1108 well.
2. A pro cyclist always need the professional cycling socks. SOUKE PS01 or MS02 are using the great quick dry and breathable materiel to help your feet stay dry after long ride. Also, different parts of the socks are using different thickness materiel, which ensure the socks lifespan after many times rides and washes.
3.You always want a professional road cycling gloves to match with, SOUKE ST1904 will just meet that needs. :D

Do you want to try out the new collections? Feel free to send us your size info, so we can help recommend you the suitable size. Also, if you have other questions or needs, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below or just Email us. We will get back to you very soon.

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