Discovering Asturias

A few days ago we had the opportunity to travel to Asturias to see our friends from Santa Catalina and we were impressed by the beauty of their roads

 NDLSS Asturias trip 01

There are some "hidden" places which are not in the main cycling vacation circuits.

If you're browsing Instagram, you will not see Asturias as the favorite destination of your main influencers.

 Asturias Travel 02

This lady will not promise a full week of sun. She will give you beauty and magic, deep greens and sketchy hairpins, steep climbs from the first kilometer.

Asturias travel 3

This land of champions is the home of Santa Catalina, a cycling store and team. Our homeboys always welcome us to ride their mountains, grind their Caleya or race their prestigious Criterium of Gijón. 

 If you are in the mood for love, Asturias will have you at hello.

NDLSS Asturias trip 05